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Bazzini Consulting is pleased to announce the availability of benefitRelay. This system is specifically designed to relay enrollment and eligibility information from your HRIS or Benefit Administration system to your insurance vendor using the HIPAA EDI 834 transaction specification or the Insurance vendor's proprietary format. In addition, benefitRelay provides a comprehensive data warehouse, reporting and audit capability to help you effectively manage membership and reconcile your monthly premium bills.

benefitRelay is the result of over 20 years of experience working with benefit plan administrators, Insurance carriers, HRIS systems, and software development technology.

benefitRelay is already sending thousands of enrollments each week to many major insurance providers including:

benefitRelay  is built on Microsoft .Net technology, and is available for in-house implementation, or as a hosted web service. For more information, please review the presentation, then contact Bazzini Consulting for pricing and availability.

Download the PowerPoint presentation.

View the PowerPoint presentation